Strengthening floor slabs made easy with Mapei Planitop HPC Floor

With Mapei’s Planitop HPC Floor, strengthening floor slabs can now be performed easily without the need for additional tools, such as steel connectors or electro-welded mesh that are typically required for traditional floor slabs.

Planitop HPC Floor is a one-component, fibre-reinforced, shrinkage-compensated, high-strength fluid cementitious mortar designed to make structural screeds suitable for strengthening floor slabs. When mixed with water, the system forms a fluid mortar that can be cast into formwork in layers from 1- to 4-cm-thick without segregating, and without the need for electro-welded reinforcing mesh. 

Once hardened, Planitop HPC Floor is highly ductile, impermeable to water and develops high resistance to cyclical loads and has very high flexural and compressive strength. It adheres well to old concrete and reinforcement rods. The system has been certified as R4-class structural mortars and complies with EN 1504-9, EN 1504-3 and EN 1504-6 standards. 

To allow expansion in the open air, Mapecure SRA may be added - a special admixture with the ability to reduce plastic and hydraulic shrinkage to ensure better curing of mortar. This admixture can minimise the water evaporation and encourage the hydration process. It acts as an internal curing agent, which reduces final shrinkage by 20% - 50%, resulting in lower risk of cracking. 

The Planitop HPC Floor from Mapei is ideal for repairing and strengthening reinforced concrete and horizontal structures where high-performance, free-flowing mortar is needed to integrate thick layers or fill complex areas. Such applications include strengthening the extrados of floor beams, repairing industrial floors, concrete floors of roads, airports and viaducts, and seismic upgrading of elements subjected to high stresses.

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