3 Muscat Street, Sultan Mosque
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The repair and refurbishment works carried out on the Sultan Mosque demonstrate immense respect for its architectural roots that date back to the 1920s. The restoration team did well in preserving the old. For example, original timber doors and windows were salvaged and repaired, with only severely damaged ones replaced.

Thoughtful upgrades have raised the value and relevance of the original building for the present and the future. To ease the way up to the prayer hall for its growing congregation as well as the aged, a new translucent glass lift structure was added in a discreet location, with sensitive regard to the integrity of the building’s original character.

One of the most complex parts of this project, the pair of domes underwent intensive re-sanding, colour trials and eventually, received four coats of paint to achieve the glimmering end result. The golden pair now lend the Mosque a more regal presence reflecting the history of royalty that once resided in the area. Weathered external walls were carefully cleaned and repainted in a choice of paint scheme that considers both long-term maintenance and the creation of a stately image for the Mosque. The interiors were also strategically repainted with the original green, a refreshing way to highlight the impressive arches of the prayer hall.

Owner: Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura, Board of Trustees & Mosque Management Board, Sultan Mosque
Architect: Interconsultants Pte Ltd
Engineer: Lee & Lee Consultants Pte Ltd
Contractor: Tang’s Engineering Pte Ltd

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