Zoomlion electric crawler crane arrives in Singapore

Antar Cranes Services Pte Ltd has announced the arrival of Zoomlion ZCC850V-1EV electric crawler crane in Singapore, available for the local market. Delivering zero emissions and low noise levels, this new model is suitable for use in urban areas, especially on projects with high environmental protection requirements.

The ZCC850V-1EV is powered by a 166.3-kWh, 550-V battery pack, which is capable of running for about eight hours or more when fully charged, depending on the application. The charging time is approximately 1.5 hours using a 100 kW charger (optional), and 4.5 hours with a 40 kW charger.

According to Zoomlion, the ZCC850V-1EV is the world’s first fully electric crawler crane, featuring a Li-ion battery that can be charged up to 3,000 times and lasts for more than 10 years. The machine can also work while being charged.

The newly designed operator cab is fitted with an air-suspension seat, a working light and rear-view mirrors that give excellent visibility of the jobsite. The noise level inside the cab is below 65 dB, increasing operator comfort.

The ZCC850V-1EV has a boom length of 13-61 m, fixed jib length of 7-19 m, maximum lifting capacity of 85 t and maximum lifting moment of 363 tm. The travelling speed is up to 1.4 km/hr, with a gradeability of 30%. The crane also provides a ground pressure of 0.088 MPa and maximum slewing speed of 2.4 rpm.

Another highlight of the ZCC850V-1EV is its high energy efficiency, revealed Zoomlion. The crane’s direct drive system minimises power consumption, which is around 15 kWh per hour. This is achieved through a technology that reuses kinetic energy from the winch to charge while working.

Furthermore, the ZCC850V-1EV requires lower maintenance compared to its diesel counterpart, thus reducing operating costs for the customers. For easy control, the crane’s micro-inching system has been improved, resulting in significantly enhanced positioning accuracy.

The single rope speed of H1 and H2 can reach up to 142 m/min, and the optional free-fall winch helps improve the efficiency of hoisting operations. The ZCC850V-1EV is also equipped with various safety functions. The main boom angle and load capacity can be automatically detected by the load moment limiter to ensure that the crane does not overload.

Headquartered in Singapore, Antar has been involved in crane rental business for more than two decades. The company’s fleet consists of crawler cranes, crawler tower cranes, crawler telescopic cranes, rough terrain cranes and all-terrain cranes. The machines have been deployed in a wide range of projects across the country, including land reclamation works, industrial developments, commercial and residential buildings, as well as major infrastructure projects, among others.