SCG Smart Living, Krungsri to explore innovations on net-zero building materials and construction solutions for Thailand

SCG Smart Living (SCG Cement-Building Materials Co Ltd) and Krungsri (Bank of Ayudhya PCL) have formed a strategic partnership to leverage each other’s strengths and expertise in accelerating actions towards net-zero greenhouse gas emissions and driving Thailand’s transition to a low-carbon and environment-friendly economy.

Both partners share an objective to jointly study, develop, explore and disseminate the technological knowledge on net-zero building materials, construction solutions and platforms suitable for Thailand, in support of the national net-zero emissions goal. The knowledge will include the decarbonisation of building materials, the development of carbon sink-based products, and the development of construction solutions that significantly reduce overall carbon footprints. The results will be integrated for an improvement in the overall ecosystem, to achieve concrete reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and enhancement in the quality of life of the people.

Wiroat Rattanachaisit, president of SCG Smart Living Business, said, “The collaboration perfectly matches SCG’s ESG guideline. SCG Smart Living aspires to explore and create innovations on low-carbon building materials and living solutions that enable energy saving among homeowners or developers as well as alternative construction platforms that can further reduce carbon emissions.”

“The signing today marks the beginning that SCG Smart Living and Krungsri will combine and leverage our strengths in achieving the net-zero emissions goal, which becomes a global agenda,” continued Mr Rattanachaisit. “We expect the action plans based on this project will play a significant role in bolstering the knowledge and technology on building materials that improves the living standards and promoting the production of low-carbon materials. This may guide government agencies or organisations towards new policies or action plans that demonstrate their commitment to a sustainable planet.”

Pairote Cheunkrut, chief strategy officer of Krungsri, also pointed out that this collaboration “will strengthen the process where new solutions can be created to shift the construction industry towards eco-friendly practices and accelerate actions towards the net-zero goal in a vivid and sustainable manner.”

“With our strengths, we can offer comprehensive consultation on eco-friendly construction and financial solutions to the public and corporate customers in the value chain,” added Mr Cheunkrut. “We can support business matching via MUFG network for new business opportunities and access to innovative solutions, while exploring the opportunities for sustainable financing products to ensure carbon emission reduction from upstream to downstream.”