Megawide supplies precast units for Philippines’ Candaba Viaduct project

Megawide Construction Corporation’s Precast and Construction Solutions (PCS) unit is working closely with Leighton Asia by supplying precast double-tee slabs for the North Luzon Expressway’s (NLEX) Candaba Viaduct expansion in the Philippines. The project, which involves the construction of an elevated roadway spanning the Candaba swampland between the provinces of Bulacan and Pampanga, aims to further enhance the efficient flow of traffic within the thoroughfare.

The PCS contract package covers 6 km of viaduct area, where the double-tee slabs will be installed to serve as the bridge’s main support. Double-tee slabs are structures resembling the shape of side-by-side capital ‘T’s’ capable of supporting heavy loads with a wide span.

“Double-tee slabs are ideal for elevated roads due to their strength and durability in supporting heavy loads from large volumes of vehicles, while meeting the prescribed width. Furthermore, precast is an ideal alternative for these types of infrastructure projects, which offers faster turnaround times, flexible, lightweight design, and higher levels of standardisation,” explained Markus Hennig, executive vice president at Megawide PCS.

The Candaba Viaduct system is Megawide’s first project showcasing its precast double-tee slabs. Production of these formats started last year in time for the project’s commencement within the first half of 2024.

Precast elements for infrastructure

As part of its expansion programme and as a means to improve logistics and efficiency, PCS plans to deploy a new mobile precast plant in Northern Luzon that will serve Candaba and other projects in the area.

PCS continues to innovate and augment its precast capabilities for infrastructure and has supplied units to major projects like Mactan-Cebu International Airport, Clark International Airport, Metro Manila Skyway, and the LRT-2 extension, using specialised proprietary technologies, such as hollow core in producing prestressed slabs with long spans that maintain maximum strength and form liners, which add architectural finish.

Megawide’s main precast plant, located in Taytay, Rizal, is known to be the largest and most advanced in the Philippines and one of the largest in Southeast Asia – producing up to 168,000 cu m of precast units per year. Megawide intends to expand its PCS external order book to include more precast supply and build projects for major infrastructure developments across Luzon.