More renewable energy projects to be built in Indonesia

The UAE-based clean energy developer Masdar has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Pertamina Power Indonesia for the development of solar, wind and green hydrogen projects in Indonesia and abroad.

At the same time, Masdar has signed a joint development study agreement with PLN Nusantara Power for Cirata Phase II to triple capacity by up to 500 MW, following the 2023 launch of the initial 145 MW phase of the floating PV project – the largest of its kind in the region.

Masdar has also received approval to proceed towards developing up to 2 GW of renewable energy in Nusantara, Indonesia’s future capital city, starting with 200 MW as phase 1. This follows a proposal by Masdar to meet the city’s energy needs by 2045, using solar and wind projects.

“Indonesia is committed to making our new capital city of Nusantara as a city that prioritises sustainability. We welcome Masdar’s plan to develop 200 MW of renewable energy plant for the city,” said Bambang Susantono, chairman of Nusantara Capital City Authority.

“We also appreciate Masdar’s further commitment on renewable energy up to 2 GW to support the fulfilment of renewable energy needs by 2045. Prioritising solar and wind energy positions the new capital as a model eco-city thriving on clean energy. This can be a future testament on how urban centres can be developed in harmony with nature.”

Indonesia and Southeast Asia are key investment destinations for Masdar. The company has developed the region’s largest floating solar facility in Indonesia – the 145 MW Cirata Floating Solar PV plant – which will generate enough electricity to power 50,000 homes. In February 2023, it entered the geothermal energy sector through a strategic investment in Pertamina Geothermal Energy.