Indonesian construction firm TeamworX goes digital to boost productivity

Since 2003, TeamworX has been providing engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) services for clients across Indonesia. As its business grew, the company needed to manage a never-ending paper trail for each project. It also had to factor in the growing administrative responsibility for regulation, compliance and accreditation requirements on each construction project.

The TeamworX project teams used a mix of spreadsheets, forms and online documents on daily project tasks. With so much project management data from various sources, it took time to collate information and stay up-to-date with variations, making it very difficult to organise schedules and budgets.

The need for greater transparency and control over the communication of variations led TeamworX to implement a digital construction management platform, facilitating the company’s digital transformation process.

Replacing paper trail

TeamworX has selected Procore as its partner, employing the platform to capture real-time transparent construction data to share it with construction teams, TeamworX executives and building owners. The result is that onsite document managers no longer have to collate information from different sources and so they can be redeployed to higher-value tasks.

Procore’s Project Management and Quality & Safety software solutions are used to efficiently capture, manage and access the information needed for clients operating a portfolio in highly regulated industries.

Over 150 staff from TeamworX have been trained to input digital information for RFIs, documents, inspections and photos into the Procore platform to replace paperwork and transform how the company builds. There are no more manual follow-ups and time-consuming physical site inspections.

The site team members previously responsible for chasing outstanding documents and conducting physical site walks have been redeployed to focus on project workflow and resolve outstanding items as quickly as possible.

“Previously, we have had to assign a document controller on each site to manage the manual documentation and systems we have had in place. Integrating Procore is the only way to track and analyse real-time changes to our budgets, schedules and projects,” said Marangkup Manik, director and head of construction and project management at TeamworX.

Creating digital culture

Since implementing Procore in December 2021, TeamworX has established a digital culture among its team members, clients and contracting staff. The company plans to extend its Procore footprint, adding pre-construction and tender management shortly to its processes.

“The vision for TeamworX is to onboard our entire contracting workforce to the Procore platform and share the benefits of digital construction management. Over 70% of our contractors love the change immediately and quickly understand how Procore will help them build. Our goal is to mandate the use of Procore across all of our projects by the end of the year,” said Mr Manik.

Creating a digital culture has already paid off for TeamworX as its recent surveillance audit for ISO 9001 and other standards was a success. “With centralised data and documentation, our auditor commented on how much Procore supported a more streamlined and professional auditing process,” said Hendy Alvianto, construction manager at TeamworX.

According to Procore, because many of its staff come from the construction sector, they can communicate easily with TeamworX to explain, for example, the need to use software to manage the administration of concrete pours and steel construction schematics. The Procore platform has been rolled out across TeamworX’s new projects and all of its construction sites.

“There is no way you can implement Procore to digitise your construction management and then consider going back to manual ways,” said Mr Manik. “We are starting our new journey into hospital consultancy services using the Procore platform for our communications. Procore is the right location for sensitive data and client accreditation details as our complex project progresses. It’s so easy to use Procore we look forward to building it into our future.”

All images: TeamworX