Philconstruct all set for 2023 event

Taking place from 9 to 12 November 2023 at the SMX Convention Centre Manila and the World Trade Centre Metro Manila in the Philippines, Philconstruct is all set to showcase the latest trends, products and technologies that are shaping the future of construction. The event is hosted by the Philippine Constructors Association, Inc. (PCA).

The construction industry is a pivotal driver of economic growth in the Philippines. It has experienced a significant transformation in recent years, redefining how buildings, roads and infrastructure are constructed while reshaping the materials used.

The industry’s embrace of technological innovations is also evident in the past few years, all of which not only help expedite construction processes but also introduce materials that support sustainability, green building practices and the development of smart homes.

President of PCA, Engr. Ronaldo ‘Junn" Elepano Jr, has emphasised Philconstruct’s role as a platform for trade professionals to showcase cutting-edge products, machinery and equipment. His vision underscores the event’s critical role in pushing the boundaries of construction and engineering, propelling the industry towards a future defined by innovation and sustainable practices.

In addition to product displays, Philconstruct 2023 will organise a variety of seminars and activities. Among them are ‘TechnoForum’ seminars, which offer opportunities for engineers and building experts to enhance their technical skills. Distinguished international speakers will participate in these seminars, sharing invaluable insights into industry best practices and emerging trends.

The Green Breakthroughs Summit by the Philippine Green Building Initiative and the seminar sessions featuring World of Concrete’s Rick Yelton will also provide enlightening experiences for attendees, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth. What’s more, there will be an HVAC/R segment that addresses the industry’s challenges related to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

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