Newly upgraded electric vertical mast lift from Dingli

Dingli has introduced its upgraded AC vertical mast lift, the AMWP11.5-8200AC, featuring a maximum working height of 11.2 m and maximum load of 200 kg.

This compact, electrically powered machine is equipped with a fully enclosed AC system, which the company said is maintenance-free, more waterproof, more efficient and safer, combined with maintenance-free batteries.

The maximum working height of the AMWP11.5-8200AC is 1.20 m higher than equivalent products in the market, according to Dingli. The machine also has special fork loading holes to enable easy transport.

The AMWP11.5-8200AC is ideal for use in narrow spaces and can be driven at full height. Its platform basket width has been increased, and its full-height gate has been upgraded to allow for easier access without bending.

In addition, the AMWP11.5-8200AC is fitted with a pothole protection system for greater safety, and the machine offers a 3 m horizontal extension. This new vertical mast is suitable for various work sites, including indoor applications in places such as warehouses, supermarkets, hotels, airports, and those with narrow aisles.