The curious ‘Case’ of Pithampur plant: A closer look at the Case global manufacturing hub in India and what it has to offer

Case Construction Equipment, a global brand of CNH Industrial, recently invited key media from India, Africa, the Middle East and Asia Pacific to visit its manufacturing plant in Pithampur, India. Southeast Asia Construction (SEAC) joined the event and had the opportunity to witness the advanced manufacturing processes and technologies used at the facility to produce construction equipment for global markets.

At the event, Case also presented a selection of products catering to various markets with demonstrations of the 1110EX soil compactor, CX220C LC HD crawler excavator and the newly launched 570SV backhoe loader.

‘State-of-the-art’ facility

The Pithampur plant in the state of Madhya Pradesh, built in 1989, is one of Case’s eight manufacturing hubs. It produces various types of equipment, including crawler excavators, compactors, backhoe loaders, and in the future skid steer loaders. These machines are not only targeted at the local market, but also exported to several countries in Asia Pacific, Africa, the Middle East, as well as North and Latin America. 

Spread across 40 acres of land, the Pithampur plant operates according to the CNH Business System (CBS), which involves all employees across the entire organisation to drive greater accountability, agility, efficiency and safety. In 2022, the facility reached the significant milestone of manufacturing 50,000 backhoe loaders.

Case revealed that the plant achieves consistently high quality with its class-leading and automated production technologies, such as robotic welding, laser cutting and high-precision machining. It has ISO certifications for its quality, health & safety, environmental and energy performance.

“Our state-of-the-art facility in Pithampur operates to the high manufacturing standards of CNH Industrial plants across the world. With its range of high-quality construction equipment that stands out for the reliability and durability that are the hallmarks of the Case brand, it serves the Indian domestic market and exports to more than 75 countries. India is a global manufacturing hub and a strategically important market for Case Construction Equipment’s growth in the region,” explained Satendra Tiwari, plant head at CNH Industrial, India.

The Pithampur plant also houses an important research and development (R&D) facility to ensure that machines go through regular upgrades and are future ready. The solar panels installed at the plant help provide up to 25% of renewable energy, as part of its effort to reduce carbon emission and contribute to CNH Industrial’s sustainability goals.  

New V-series backhoe loader

The new 570V and 570SV backhoe loaders are produced at the Pithampur plant. They feature a brand-new cab, which is one of the largest in its class. The ROPS/FOPS cab equipped with air conditioning (optional) and improved internal storage capacity raises operator comfort and ergonomics.

The FPT engine and the driveline deliver outstanding power, traction and torque density on all terrains, guaranteeing a high performance. The range includes models with power of 86 and 97 hp, which can be equipped with 2WD or 4WD axle and transmission, and a Power Shuttle 4x3 transmission that pushes the machine across any terrain and gradient.

These V-series backhoe loaders can also be fitted with a fixed or extendable arm for longer reach and deeper digging depth. The straight loader arm assures strong breakout force and high dumping height. The tilting engine hood and optimised layout of components allow for safe and easy maintenance.

Robust crawler excavator

The CX210C/CX220C LC HD crawler excavator is also manufactured at the Pithampur plant. This model has been developed with a stronger boom, arms and undercarriage structures, with increased thickness to make it suitable for the harshest application. It can be used in stone quarry, general and road construction, earthworks and mining applications.

The excavator is powered by a six-cylinder, 6.7-l engine from FPT, which works well with the Case intelligent hydraulic system that features five automatic energy saving functions for greater machine efficiency. These functions constantly adjust the engine rpm and the hydraulic pump displacement to match the actual power requirement at any time.  

Various soil compactors

Another product range from the Pithampur plant is soil compactors. One of the models, the 1110EX, is designed for heavy-duty applications. It is suitable for road building and construction jobsites, as well as mining operations. The FPT S8000 Tier III engine has been recently upgraded to deliver a bigger performance, with maximum power increased to 110 hp at 2,300 rpm and 430 Nm maximum torque at 1,400 rpm. The machine is fitted with a drum shell with up to 32 mm thickness – believed to be the highest in the market – whose higher weight and strength guarantees excellent productivity and reliability. 

The EX-series compactor offers two configurations: the Case 1110EX-D with drum drive and increased traction is ideal for slopes and landfills, while the Case 1110EX-PD featuring drum drive and clamp-on pad foot is a perfect solution for compacting more cohesive materials such as clay and silt. The higher applied force of 33,475 kgf and 34,655 kgf on the 1110EX-D and 1110EX-PD respectively means that the machines can finish the job with fewer passes. The four-points articulation joint provides an oscillation angle of +/- 15° and steering angle of +/- 37°, resulting in a short turning radius of just 3.42 m.

The 450DX mini vibratory compactor is designed with a high ground clearance, which makes working on uneven surface much easier. The bigger drum diameter of 725 mm ensures an even compaction in every condition of the ground. Powered by a four-cylinder engine, the machine is ideal for shoulder compaction, service lane, breakdown lane compaction on highways, narrow alleys and hilly roads. It has an oscillation angle of +/- 10° and steering angle of +/- 33°. With its reduced steering radius of 3 m, this model is agile enough to operate in narrow spaces. Large anti-vibration mounts are also available for effective isolation and longer machine life.

The 752EX tandem compactor provides a comfortable and safe operator station, equipped with resilient mount operator platform featuring anti-vibration mounting (AVM) pads, styled user-friendly operator console, rotating operator seat and tiltable steering (optional). The cab offers uninterrupted front and rear visibility with its large rear mirrors, sloping water tank design and well-located work lights. The machine has 17 mm drum thickness and heavy-duty articulation joint, and is powered by a four-cylinder FPT engine that delivers 76 hp at 2,200 rpm and torque of 332 Nm at 1,300 rpm.

Note: This article has also been published in the Jul/Aug 2023 issue of SEAC, featuring more images. Click here to read online or here to download the PDF file (pages 46-49).