Link-Belt expands 120|HT options with long boom

Link-Belt Cranes has introduced its new 110-t (120-USt) 120|HTLB (long boom) truck crane. This model is equipped with a 60 m seven-section pin and latch boom,  which features an optional 17.6 m two- or three-piece offset SmartFly that combines for a maximum tip height of 80.3 m.

“Phase two of the 120|HT project included an option for a longer boom. The customer feedback and buy-in from the 120|HT since its launch in 2021 highlighted that cranes’ overall performance in the market,” said Andrew Soper, product manager for telescopic truck and all-terrain cranes at Link-Belt.

With 0 lbs of counterweight and block and ball, the 120|HTLB can transport with boom over the front under 42,864 kg. The new truck crane can also road up to 7,257 kg of counterweight with boom over the front for a wide variety of lifting applications and still keep its axle loading under the gross axle weight rating. When a boom dolly is added, up to 16,329 kg of counterweight is transportable.

The 120|HTLB is built on the same platform as the 120|HT with superior ride quality, improved braking performance and V-CALC outrigger positioning. A Cummins X12 single overhead cam engine that is EPA 2021 compliant provides great fuel efficiency. Top speed on the crane is 99 km/hr.

The 120|HTLB features Link-Belt’s ‘Smart Stack’ counterweight detection system, making counterweight setup easier. Link-Belt has maintained excellent capacities with the 120|HTLB which still charts competitively with similarly sized four-axle all-terrain cranes on the market. It offers matching performance on the main and auxiliary winches with 10,719 kg maximum winch line pull with 22,271 kg of maximum counterweight.