Pan-United becomes Asia’s first concrete company to offer on-demand Environmental Product Declarations

Singapore’s Pan-United Corporation Ltd has become the first concrete company in Asia to provide on-demand Environmental Product Declaration certificates (EPDs) that quantify the environmental impact of over 300 specialised concrete solutions in its portfolio. Customers can conveniently make better decisions on the low-carbon concrete options to be used and reported in their projects.

An EPD is a third-party-verified disclosure report documenting the materials and environmental impact of a product based on a cradle-to-grave life cycle assessment. It represents the product’s ‘climate change total’ or ‘global warming potential’ quantified in terms of ‘kg CO2e’ (kilogramme equivalent of carbon dioxide). The EPDs for Pan-United’s concrete mix designs are independently audited to international standards such as ISO 14025 and EN 15804.

As EPDs provide accurate and credible environmental data, developers, as well as their appointed contractors and consultants, can make better decisions to lower the embodied carbon footprint of their projects. More accurate carbon reduction targets can be set in advance and greener concrete mixes can be chosen at the planning stage.

Notably, Pan-United’s EPDs support customers’ sustainability efforts by providing ready access to the necessary environmental impact data for certifications such as the BCA Green Mark scheme.

May Ng, CEO of Pan-United Corporation Ltd, said, “We are pleased to be the first concrete company in Asia to provide EPDs on demand to our customers. These EPDs can contribute meaningfully to meeting global emissions reduction targets, particularly for embodied carbon, and advance the built environment’s transition towards net zero emissions.”