New MyCrane Inspections App to boost crane rental confidence

A new, free inspections app that allows customers to rent lifting equipment with confidence is now available at MyCrane.

Downloaded via the Apple or Android stores, the MyCrane Inspections App helps prevent fraud and reduces risk by digitalising the crane rental inspection process. The app, available in more than 35 languages, makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) to verify data such as location of the crane and the authenticity of registration documents.

By following push notifications from the app, images of the crane can be uploaded, along with key data about the equipment. Only live image and video recording can be accepted, while in-app fraud detection and recognition is another feature of the app.

According to MyCrane, the new app is particularly useful where clients impose the condition and maximum age of equipment, or where clients have specific requirements around inspection.

It can be used by anybody with access to a smart phone and does not require specialist knowledge. Customers can make use of the inspections app to review the condition of the equipment, prior to placing an order.

“Our new app is another innovative tool that offers a high level of transparency for our customers, reassuring them that the proposed equipment is as described, and helping to minimise disputes," said Andrei Geikalo, founder and CEO of MyCrane. 

“Crane rental providers will also find the inspections app useful. In the case of bare rentals, for instance, our app may provide proof of discrepancies between the outgoing inspections and incoming inspections when the equipment is confirmed off-rent and being returned to the crane provider, because it will be so simple to verify the condition of the equipment.

“Now, anybody can use the inspections app to easily and quickly request a safety and quality check – at any time.”

At the point of registering on MyCrane, crane owners can use the inspections app to create their fleet listings. Those who have verified the status and condition of their fleet will be highlighted to customers of MyCrane’s crane rental tool, as a further indication of quality. 

In one click, crane rental providers will be able to sell their verified equipment, with all supporting images in place, on the MyCrane Marketplace.