New Enerpac SBL600 hydraulic gantry system

The new SBL600 is the latest addition to Enerpac SBL-Super Boom Lift hydraulic gantry range. With a maximum lifting height of 10.6 m, the three-stage telescopic hydraulic cylinder features a foldable boom allowing transportation on standard flatbed trucks without the need for special permitting and routing.

The SBL600 hydraulic gantry has a rectangular boom for increased capacity and lifting height with a first stage capacity of 674 t, 562 t second stage and 416 t at the third stage. Its design is optimised for ease of transportation, significantly reducing the cost of deployment and set-up for this class of gantry. With a foldable boom, the transport height of the SBL600 is just 2.25 m and the self-weight per leg 9 t, allowing a flatbed trailer to transport two gantry legs rather than one.

“Ease of transportation is the key benefit of the SBL600 hydraulic gantry. Its significantly lower transport height, allowing the four-leg gantry to be shipped to site using just two standard flatbed trucks, makes it more efficient to mobilise compared to larger and heavier gantries. In addition, the SBL600 lifting height of 10.6 m allows users to perform heavy lift to a greater height compared to other gantries in this category,” said Pete Crisci, product line director at Enerpac Heavy Lifting Technology.

“The new SBL600 gantry, with foldable boom, ensures Enerpac continues to lead on the utility and capacity of hydraulic gantries in heavy lift rigging.”

The SBL600 uses steel wheels on industry standard 914-mm gauge skid track. Each gantry leg has a built-in hydraulic pump, which eliminates trip hazards by removing the need to connect hoses and makes the equipment easier to set up.

As standard, the SBL600 includes Enerpac Intellilift wireless controls, providing users with a safe and reliable way to operate the gantry. With no cables, there are no tripping hazards or risk of incorrect connections. Wireless controls also save time during set up as there are no cables to connect. Plus, it allows unrestricted operator positioning, automatic synchronous lifting and lowering, along with travel and side shift control. Built in safety alarms are included to alert operator of unsafe conditions and stop gantry operations.

The Enerpac SBL600 gantry complies with ASME B30.1, CE, UKCA and other safety standards. Accessories for the SBL600 include header beams, skid track and side shift units to shift a load along header beams utilising the Intellilift wireless controls.