New scissor lift models for Dingli oil-free & all-electric series

Dingli has expanded its oil-free & all-electric series with three new scissor lift models – the JCPT1012PA, JCPT1008PA and JCPT0808PA. They have a maximum working height of 10 m and maximum load of 450 kg.

The first batch of the series, comprising six models, was launched in the first half of 2022. All of the machines use electric actuators for lifting, lowering and steering, instead of traditional hydraulic oil cylinders.

One of the advantages is low energy consumption. According to Dingli, the total transmission efficiency of the direct motor drive systems can reach up to 95%, resulting in more than 30% energy saving compared to the traditional hydraulic system.

Another advantage is easy maintenance. With no hydraulic system, various problems can be avoided, such as valve core stuck, oil leakage, oil change, or high- and low-temperature efficiency reduction. The machines are equipped with a maintenance-free permanent magnet synchronous motor and AGM battery, which significantly reduces maintenance costs.

This oil-free & all-electric series also provides higher levels of water and dust resistance, with built-in position sensors and real-time data monitoring of the full stroke. The drive system enables temperature, load and variable torque control, thus increasing safety.

Greater comfort is a further advantage, said Dingli. The full stroke proportional control eliminates “the jitter and abrupt feeling” caused by self-gravity lowering of the hydraulic system.

In addition, the new series is more environment-friendly. It features a lower noise level than that with the hydraulic system. Plus, it delivers zero-emissions and better environmental protection.

The entire Dingli oil-free & all-electric series offers maximum working heights from 5 to 16 m, with maximum loads of between 230 and 450 kg.