New Ammann ARS 30 and ARS 50 soil compactors

The ARS 30 and ARS 50 soil compactors will be among new products from Ammann at bauma. These single-drum machines, with weights of 3 t and 5 t respectively, are the most compact rollers in Ammann’s soil compaction product line.

The two machines are suitable for compacting a wide range of materials and can be even more flexible given the smooth or padfoot drum options. They are ideal for road construction businesses and rental fleets that need a small, durable and powerful product for success on a daily basis.

Due to their compaction power and manoeuvrability, the ARS 30 and ARS 50 are a good fit for small landscaping projects, forest roads, municipal roads and walking/bicycle paths.

A combination of a well-balanced engine, fully hydrostatic drive system and control deliver exceptional fuel consumption of 5 l/hr. This efficiency and a large fuel tank of 98 l mean a roller need to be fuelled only once every three working shifts.

The ARS 30 drum has a working width of 1,200 mm. The strong single-stage vibratory system and two different frequencies supply compaction power of 37 kN and 68 kN.

The working width of the ARS 50 is 1,400 mm, featuring a boosted single-stage vibratory system with two frequencies. It provides compaction power of 53 kN and 85 kN.

A smooth drum is standard on both models. The ARS 30 has a drum thickness of 15 mm, while the ARS 50 drum is 18 mm thick. To improve versatility and profitability, the rollers are available with a padfoot (PD) drum (with a smooth shell kit) and a dozer blade.

The drums are designed to be maintenance-free as part of Ammann’s ECOdrop philosophy. The focus of ECOdrop is to reduce the volume of fluids required, make service points extremely accessible – and make all new products more environment-friendly.

ECOdrop on the ARS 30 and ARS 50 offers: improved fuel economy and lower fuel consumption due to available EcoMode; a maintenance-free vibratory system with lifetime grease bath instead of oil bath; a lifetime maintenance-free steering joint with bearings placed in cage storage; and no drive gearboxes – and therefore no gear oil is needed.

The no-rear-axle concept makes the rollers more compact and enables a lower engine location that improves the centre of gravity – which provides better stability, even on slopes. The design also improves visibility and manoeuvrability. These factors, combined with stability, promote jobsite safety.

Also available for installation is the ACEforce system, which allows operators to easily monitor compaction progress. This intelligent compaction system shows the actual kB value on the display, significantly reducing the time required to achieve maximum compaction.

An optional telematics system can help monitor the machine’s position, assist with control and provide other important jobsite information. All the data can be monitored via the web.

The machine’s standard twin-lock drive improves traction and reduces slipping of axles. This fully automatic traction control system is activated without electronic controls. It constantly adjusts the drive performance depending on actual jobsite conditions.

The torque is uniformly distributed into axles to ensure ground contact and prevent slipping of the front drum and rear wheels – and to ensure the quality of the final compacted surface.

A new articulated joint further boosts drive performance and stability, and enhances manoeuvrability. The central steering joint with integrated oscillation connects key components and ensures balanced weight distribution and consistent ground contact. The hydrostatic power train and articulation joint are essentially maintenance-free.

The machine’s operator station with a wide-opening entrance provides unrestricted access to the spacious, quiet cab. An easy-to-reach operator seat with an adjustable armrest optimises comfort, as does the fully vibration-isolated platform. All control switches are accessible and highly visible – essential for quick operator overview.

A multi-functional control display is located on the main dashboard, making it easy for operators to monitor. The machine design ensures all objects are visible to the operator beyond a 1-m-by-1-m area both in the front and back of the compactor.

The machine’s engine compartment is easily accessible, with a heavy-duty design that protects all major components during operation. All maintenance and servicing points can be reached from the ground. The compactor is equipped with external draining points for essential fluids such as engine oil or cooling liquids.

Bauma booth: FS.909