Dingli aerial work platforms take part in global projects

Dingli aerial work platforms (AWPs) have been used in a wide range of construction projects globally, including high-speed railway stations, airports, large facilities, rail transports and urban developments, to name a few.

In Southeast Asia, for example, Dingli AWPs have been involved in the expansion of Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok, Thailand, and a variety of other projects.

According to Dingli, the penetration rate of its equipment in various international construction projects “has been increasing, and the market response of new energy aerial work platform is getting better and better.”

In the industrial sector, Dingli electric equipment has recently been selected by Sharp Aviation K, one of the largest airline service companies in South Korea.

Sharp Aviation K, which provides aircraft maintenance services, has cooperation with eight airports and 11 major airlines in South Korea. The company chose the zero-emission AWPs from Dingli to fulfill its sustainability commitments.

Jackie Han, sales director of Asia Pacific region at Dingli, said, “At present, the first batch of new energy aerial work platforms mainly contains modular electric booms, large electric scissors and dozens of small scissors, and we will provide new energy equipment with more complete working height coverage in the future.”

Dingli further emphasised that its “noiseless, zero-emission green footprint will continue to expand worldwide.”