Protecting below ground structures with Mapelastic Foundation

Spaces below ground level often need to be utilised due to a lack of available building land and the high density of structures in built-up areas. Construction of below ground structures is quite common to create various types of areas, such as commercial areas, service areas, utility rooms, production areas and more. 

Below ground structures, however, are always in contact with moisture in the ground and with water percolating from the ground. Thus they must be waterproofed to prevent leaks and infiltrations compromising their functionality and to guarantee their protection and durability. 

One of the systems that Mapei offers for waterproofing structures below ground level is Mapelastic Foundation. It is a two-component, flexible cementitious mortar designed for waterproofing concrete surfaces and masonry structures subject to positive and negative water pressure. When the two components are mixed together, they form a plastic-consistency paste that is easy to apply with a roller or by spray, on both horizontal and vertical surfaces, in layers of at least 2 mm thick.

Mapelastic Foundation is completely waterproof against positive pressure, and is also waterproof against negative pressure of up to 1.5 atm. Once cured, it is resistant to soluble salts which are present in sea water or in the ground such as chlorides and sulphates. 

Mapelastic Foundation is highly flexible and remains stable under all environmental conditions. When mixed, the system is highly thixotropic, which reduces waste to a minimum during the application phase with a roller. In addition, it bonds strongly to all sound cementitious substrates. 

Mapelastic Foundation is suitable for foundation walls, car parks, underground environments, basins, channels and swimming pools. The system fulfills the criteria of EN 1504-9 and EN 1504-2 standards. It is also EC1 Plus certified as it contains very low emission of volatile organic compounds. 

With Mapelastic Foundation, structures can be waterproofed and protected for many years.