Dingli launches new mini scissor model and picker lift

Dingli has added a new model to its mini scissor series, the JCPT0707DCM. This lightweight, battery-powered machine offers a maximum working height of 6.5 m and maximum load of 230 kg.

With a compact design, small size and high flexibility, the JCPT0707DCM can easily fit into a standard elevator. The scissor lift measures only 1.43 m in length and 0.76 m in width.

The other Dingli mini scissor models include the JCPT0607DCM and JCPT0708DCM, featuring a maximum working height of 5.6 m and 7.6 m respectively.

When their guardrails are folded down, the overall heights of these mini scissors are 1.62 m (JCPT0607DCM), 1.68 m (JCPT0707DCM) and 1.65 m (JCPT0708DCM), with an overall width of less than 0.8 m. They have a total weight of 920 kg, 1,150 kg and 1,300 kg respectively.

In addition, Dingli has launched a new electric ‘oil-free’ order picker lift, the OPT0507. This environment-friendly machine is suitable for a wide range of indoor applications, such as supermarkets and warehouses.

Equipped with a multi-level cargo platform to meet transportation needs, the OPT0507 provides a maximum speed of 4.8 km/h and minimum turning radius of 0 m/1.3 m (inner/outer wheels).

The new compact picker lift also has a maximum working height of 4.99 m, maximum load (for operators) of 135 kg, maximum pallet load (for materials) of 90 kg and maximum deck load (for materials) of 115 kg.