Digital technologies help Hutama Karya build Indonesian roads more efficiently

Construction company PT Hutama Karya (Persero) was engaged to build the Surabaya-Gresik toll road interchange in East Java province, Indonesia, in preparation for the country to host the 2022 U-20 Football World Cup.

The project presented complex geological conditions and coordination challenges, compounded by requirements to minimise interference with traffic flow and a one-year construction timeline during a global pandemic. PT Hutama Karya tried implementing BIM software, but the initial technology lacked efficiency and visualisation quality. Instead, the company needed comprehensive, integrated 3D modelling and visualisation applications.

PT Hutama Karya opted for various solutions from Bentley Systems. It selected ContextCapture to generate a contour map of the existing site conditions 400% faster than manual methods. Using OpenRoads and OpenBridge for 3D modelling accelerated drawing production by 30 days and facilitated clash detection, avoiding potential errors to save US$3 million.

Working in an open, connected data environment saved two months amid the Covid-19 pandemic. PT Hutama Karya plans to use the 3D models as the foundation for creating digital twins to promote the company’s digital strategies in the construction sector.

This project has been named a Year in Infrastructure 2021 Founders’ Honoree (For Pandemic-proof Execution) by Bentley Systems.

Trans Sumatera toll road (Serbelawan-Pematangsiantar)

PT Hutama Karya is also constructing the Trans Sumatera toll road, spanning 2,800 km across Sumatra Island. The Serbelawan to Pematangsiantar section is a 28-km expressway projected to shorten travel time by 50%. Located in a remote and dense forest, the project presented data acquisition challenges while working with numerous disciplines and software platforms.

Having experience using various BIM platforms, PT Hutama Karya sought interoperable digital modelling technology to accommodate large files and improve project collaboration. The company selected ContextCapture to deliver an accurate reality mesh of the remote project area in 28 days, compared to the 120 days it would have taken using conventional survey methods.

Adopting OpenRoads and OpenBridge streamlined data and workflows, shortening coordination and approval time by up to 34 days, while Plaxis helped avoid potential critical failure due to soft soil conditions. Bentley’s integrated digital solution resolved compatibility issues and clashes, provided data continuity, and optimised collaboration to save US$2.18 million.

This project has been named a winner of Going Digital Awards in Infrastructure 2021 (under the Roads and Highways category) by Bentley Systems. For more details on the project, watch PT Hutama Karya’s presentation below.

All images: PT Hutama Karya (Persero)