Bauer unveils electric drilling rig

Bauer Maschinen GmbH has introduced its first electric drilling rig, the eBG. Using electrical power instead of a diesel engine, the machine does not require any fossil fuels and operates quietly, making it ideal for urban areas.

“We have been working with electrification for some time now,” said Christian Heinecker, head of drilling equipment division at Bauer Maschinen GmbH. “In the past, however, this was tailored to specific customer requests or projects.”

The new electric eBG 33 falls in the mid-range segment of the drilling rig series with a drive power of more than 400 kW, which puts it on the same scale as Bauer BG 28 to BG 36 and thus within the range of 280 to 390 kNm torque. As a result, it covers a wide range of applications on site.

Apart from traditional Kelly drilling, the eBG 33 can be used for high-performance methods, for example soil mixing techniques such as cutter soil mixing (CSM) or double-head system drilling. A Bauer trench cutter can also be attached to the machine.

To deliver the same capacity as a conventional Bauer BG with a diesel engine, the eBG 33 has been developed using a direct power supply solution. This is because the currently available battery systems would not be able to manage the capacity in this size class, explained Bauer. Accordingly, the preparatory work on site must be planned over a number of months to ensure that the power supply is also provided.

The eBG is primarily advantageous on large-scale and long running construction sites, since the overall benefits, such as significantly reduced operating costs, can be fully exploited over the longer period of time, said Bauer.

The manufacturer highlighted that the average diesel consumption for conventional drilling rigs like the BG 28 is significantly higher when compared to smaller equipment types. This is why the use of the electric eBG could enormously reduce the operating costs for long-term operations.

The eBG’s electrical engine requires a full 690 V, while 400 V is needed for air conditioning and heating. In addition, a 230 V socket provides the option of plugging in additional attachment parts on site, such as percussion tools. The on-board controls require 24 V as usual.

Bauer’s energy efficient power (EEP) system is also available for the electric eBG. Another highlight is the EEP winch concept, which enables it to recover energy during retraction into the bore hole.

Images: Bauer Group