Large electric rough-terrain scissor lifts from Dingli

Chinese aerial platform manufacturer Dingli has introduced its large electric rough-terrain scissor lifts, the JCPT2814DC and JCPT3214DC, offering maximum working heights of 28 m and 32 m respectively. 

These new models feature a compact design and narrow overall width of 1.39 m. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, and can operate in areas that are normally hard to reach by traditional large rough-terrain scissor lifts.

Both the JCPT2814DC and JCPT3214DC scissor lifts are equipped with 80 V/520 Ah high-capacity lithium battery pack, delivering zero emission and low noise. The machines have a maximum load capacity of 600 kg (for two people) and can drive at full height. 

The JCPT2814DC provides a standard working platform of 5.08 m x 1.2 m, with a 1.9-m-long extension platform. The machine features an overall weight of 18,060 kg, overall length of 5.69 m and maximum platform height of 26 m. The turning radius for this model is 2.5 m (inside) and 3.3 m (outside).

The JCPT3214DC’s standard working platform can be up to 5.85 m x 1.2 m. It is also fitted with a 1.9-m-long extension platform. The machine’s overall weight is 22,200 kg, overall length is 6.41 m, and maximum platform height is 30 m. The turning radius for this model is 2.6 m (inside) and 3.5 m (outside).

The overall height for the electric scissor lifts is 3.17 m (rails down) and 4.16 m (rails up). Their ground clearance is 0.20 m (stowed) and 0.024 m (raised). 

The two models offer a gradeability of 25% and travel speed of 0.1 km/hr (raised). When stowed, the travel speed is 1.6 km/hr for the JCPT2814DC and 1.4 km/hr for the JCPT3214DC.

The new scissor lifts are equipped with 4x4 drive steering, U-turn steering and crab steering. With the introduction of these latest models, Dingli said the working heights of its electric scissor lifts now range from 5.9 to 32 m.