Manitowoc expands topless crane line-up with MCT 185

The Asian range of Potain topless tower cranes built at Manitowoc’s Chinese facility in Zhangjiagang continues to evolve rapidly in response to rising customer demand for the transport, assembly and performance advantages these units offer. With the launch of the 8 t capacity MCT 185, customers now have a greater choice than ever before, allowing them to select the perfect topless Potain model for any application.

Designed with urban and infrastructure projects in mind, the new model shares the same advantages of easier transport and assembly, as well as high efficiency, productivity and reliability, that are the hallmarks of other Zhangjiagang-built MCT models, stretching back to the launch of the first units back in 2012.

“Topless cranes are becoming the go-to solution for the speed and flexibility they bring to jobsites,” said Kwong-Joon Leong, regional product manager for Asia – tower cranes at Manitowoc. “The integration of the MCT 185 into our topless range opens up even more possibilities for contractors, and of course it is backed by the industry-leading technical support that is synonymous with Potain.”

The crane boasts an impressive 65 m jib, yet the entire upper works of the MCT 185 can travel in just five containers thanks to its intelligent, compact design. Each crane section benefits from minimised component dimensions and weight to simplify assembly, as demonstrated by the shorter, simpler ballast shape on the counter-jib. This section is available in two lengths – 13.5 m for use with a 30 m - 45 m jib, or 16 m for the 50 m - 65 m configuration. This choice in configuration allows projects to plan crane positioning more efficiently, a useful feature as jobsites become more congested.

For assembly, users can choose from Potain’s existing 1.6 m (L46) and 2 m (L68) mast sections, both of which use pinned joints for fast, easy connection. Also available is the newly introduced 7.5 m-high S46JR reinforced basic mast for taller setup, with freestanding heights for the MCT 185 stretching up to 59.2 m. On a well-prepared site, the MCT 185 can be assembled in just 1.5 days.

Strong lifting performance is a given, with a capacity of 1.5 t achievable at the end of the jib and a selection of the latest LVF hoists offering close load control and customisable lifting operations, depending on jobsite requirements. Supplied as standard, the newly introduced 30-kW 40 LVFC 20 Optima winch comes with a 456 m rope capacity and is capable of hoisting 1 t at speeds of up to 98 m/min. The optional 37-kW 50 LVF 20 Optima lifts 1.1 t at up to 121 m/min; while the 45-kW 60 LVFC 20 Optima will move 1 t at up to 120 m/min and comes with an impressive 553 m of wire rope.

The LVF and LVFC winches offer continuously variable speed control that enables operators to fine-tune each pick from the comfort of their standard S110 Smartview – or optional V140S Vision – cab. For horizontal movements, there are four trolley mechanism options, offering speeds of up to 80 m/min.