New Rbit button bit series designed to reduce drilling costs

The new Rbit button bits from Robit have been designed to reduce the total drilling costs by achieving faster rate of penetration and the lowest cost-per-meter.

“Our customers already know the great quality of our top hammer button bits. However, we took up the challenge of making our bits even better,” said Robit. “All our button bits have been manufactured with recyclable 100% green steel. Consistent top quality is guaranteed by fully automated production lines. Rbit button bits are finalised with eco-friendly water-based paint.”

The Rbit button bit series features an optimised button layout configuration of the Flat Face model, to ensure maximised rock contact and energy transmission. The series also has a new transition face that was developed in both Flat Face and Drop Centre models to improve the transfer of percussion energy into the rock.

Other highlights of the Rbit button bits include enhanced flushing design, now available in the Flat Face and Drop Centre models, delivering even faster rate of penetration; as well as redesigned wider retrac grooves, which allow more space leading to a better flow for the cuttings. The heavy duty models are also now available in both Flat Face and Drop Centre models.

“All of our new high quality Rbit drill bits have been designed with state-of-the art computer fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation,” explained Robits. “Moreover, field tests globally have demonstrated clear evidence of a superior drilling performance which our technical simulation had already guaranteed. Our partner drillers were happy with the excellent performance and noted better flushing and longer grinding intervals with the new Rbit drill bits.”

According to Robit, its products are developed in the challenging rock conditions of Scandinavia and have a proven record globally. “With the new Rbit, we have found yet another way to deliver excellence to our customers worldwide,” said the company.