Manitou 260 TJ-X boom lift designed for higher efficiency

Manitou Asia presents its 260 TJ-X boom lift, designed to increase operational efficiency at any worksite. The machine is equipped with a supersized basket that can accommodate three operators (capacity of 400 kg) up to a height of 25.9 m.

Targeted at operators requiring a large working area and flexibility of use, the 260 TJ-X is built with an offset of 19.7 m, pendulum travel of +/-70° and capacity for continuous 360° rotation of the turret. The machine’s excellent off-road and four-wheel drive abilities also assure a high-crossing capacity across difficult terrains.

The 260 TJ-X features high-precision hydraulic movements for maximum operator comfort, and its system to reduce noise to 106 decibels effectively moderates noise pollution. The remote control function gives users a clear view of the entire machine and the ability to steer the basket to the optimal position.

The 260 TJ-X is also designed to help reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO). It is fitted with a diagnostic aid for faster maintenance operations and minimal machine downtime. The machine’s overall unfolded length of 7.88 m allows for easy transportation. Optional features of the 260 TJ-X include the Easy Manager system and the SMS (Safe Man System), an operator protection system that is fully compliant with industry safety standards.

With its outstanding performance, the Manitou 260 TJ-X boom lift has already benefited Kwan Yong Construction on its school building project in Singapore. Limitations in the company’s previous machine had undesirably increased the frequency of transferring raw materials to the specified height, causing delays in the project timeline. After switching to the 260 TJ-X, Kwan Yong was able to lift significantly more raw materials with one transfer, along with tools and other heavy equipment, owing to the boom lift’s 400-kg capacity basket. Such time-saving proved crucial in enabling the contractor to complete the project on schedule.

Images: Manitou Group