Manitou’s compact 220 TJ-X and 220 TJ+-X boom lifts

Manitou Asia has introduced two compact, high-capacity boom lifts, the 220 TJ-X and 220 TJ+-X. Capable of reaching a height of 22 m, the 220 TJ-X has a basket capacity of 230 kg, while the 220 TJ+-X basket can handle loads of up to 350 kg. This capacity remains regardless of the articulated arm’s position or the telescopic extension, said Manitou.

The machines’ compact dimension results in excellent manoeuvrability, especially on construction sites with heavier load of machines. With an overall fold up size of only 8.04 m, the 220 TJ-X is built to facilitate transportation and meet the expectations of rental companies.

The boom lifts have a working outreach of 17.6 m (220 TJ-X) and 17.8 m (220 TJ +-X). They are powered by a four-cylinder 26-kW diesel engine (stage IIIA) with a variable speed pump. A built-in system automatically adjusts the engine’s power accordingly to minimise fuel consumption and total cost of ownership. According to Manitou, the engine can reduce noise during operation to as low as 106 decibels.

The two models are also installed with a hydraulic block to provide smooth and rapid movements with complete safety. The jacks taper off before stopping, giving added comfort and eliminating risks arising from jerky movement. A system patented by Manitou automatically adapts the speed according to the degree of extension of the boom to maintain constant speed regardless of the basket’s position.

Designed for use in tough conditions, both the 220 TJ-X and 220 TJ+-X are ideally suited to handle uneven ground and environments with high salt content and high temperatures. One such example is the San Juan viaduct bridge project in the Philippines, a tight working environment with multiple crossings. The default four-wheel steer of the 220 TJ+-X enabled operators to manoeuvre it around with ease. The machine’s superior rough terrain capability also tackled all kinds of crossings on site, while its versatility made it possible for the machine to be used on a floating platform during construction as the viaduct was built on a canal.

Like all new Manitou machines, the 220 TJ-X and 220 TJ+-X boom lifts are connected machines to enable users to optimise usage and maintenance of their machines. This allows Manitou to accurately analyse data and ultimately reduce the total cost of ownership for the operators.

Images: Manitou Group