Indeco lightweight and large hammers

Two lightweights in the Indeco small hammer range - the HP 400 FS and HP 550 FS - have been upgraded with more powerful features. Starting with energy class, it rises to 550 joule for the HP 400 FS and 750 joule for the HP 550 FS. The hammers’ blows per minute also increase to 540 -1,670 and 780-1,720 respectively, as well as their tool diameter (65 mm and 75 mm respectively) - which is an increase of approximately 10 mm for both.

This improvement has not changed the hammer size and design in either model, said Indeco. The units are ideal for use with excavators between 2.5 and 5 t for the HP 400 FS, and 3.5 - 6.5 t for the HP 550 FS.

In addition, the larger Indeco HP 6000 FS hammer takes up a position midway between the HP 5000 and HP 7000. With a working weight of 3,600 kg, energy class of 9,000 joule, and a steel diameter of 170 mm, this model is an ideal fit for excavators in the 35 - 45 t range, especially given its excellent power-to-weight ratio. According to Indeco, the HP 6000 FS also features Hardox inserts in the lower part of the casing, which enable it to withstand even the toughest jobs.