Compact Carmix 3.5 TT mobile concrete batching plant

The 3.5 TT is the first model designed by Carmix and the best seller in over 40 years of the company’s history. Easy to operate, the machine offers excellent agility on construction sites.

This small mobile batching plant is highly compact, featuring a length of just over 5 m with the front loader raised, making it suitable for use in restricted areas. It is capable of rotating the barrel at 300° to load from over 2 m of height on all four sides of the machine. This way, the concrete jet can be directed with high precision.

Carmix said the 3.5 TT is able to climb slopes up to 30%, even when fully loaded. The machine also has a concrete mixer with a capacity of 3.5 cu m, double mixing blade, as well as a 600-l loader - controllable with the Joymix - with a hydraulic command opening to unload directly into the sand or gravel barrel.

In addition, the Carmix 3.5 TT is equipped with a Load Cell weighing system for perfect control of mix design. There are four load cell sensors, managed by an on-board programmable computer, placed at the bottom of the drum in order to work as weight sensors precisely where the mixing takes place (RMC Plant standard level technology).

According to Carmix,  compared with systems using pressure sensors on the shovel, the Load Cell system ensures direct control of elements where the mix is made, higher accuracy and 3 to 5% weight deviation like in the most sophisticated concrete plants and the verification of finished product.