Gomaco redesigns Curb Cadet machine

Gomaco has redesigned its smallest curb machine, the Curb Cadet. It now features a new fibreglass engine shroud, Tier 4 final engine, and the relocation of all controls to the handle for easy reach and operation. The machine is now compact and highly mobile, ideal for slipforming concrete curb or optional asphalt extrusion.

The Curb Cadet’s redesign centres around its new Tier 4 final KDW 1404 Kohler water-cooled diesel engine. Its new look incorporates moulded fiberglass shrouding to encase the Tier 4 engine and the next generation red striping used on Gomaco equipment. All of the control elements for the Curb Cadet have been moved to the control panel on the handle for easy operation and hands-on control. Travel, grade, vibrators, auger controls and an emergency stop button are all located on the control panel.

The Curb Cadet slipforms concrete curb and accommodates concrete mould configurations within 305-mm-wide by 356-mm-high, and can place concrete over dowels or continuous steel reinforcing. It can also slipform a 610 mm radius, depending on the curb profile. The Curb Cadet is right-hand or left-hand side pour capable with an adjustable sliding hopper and mould. Inside the hopper, a 305-mm-diameter by 1.43-m-long auger moves the concrete. A coordinated stop switch on the Curb Cadet provides automatic on/off vibrator control that is synchronised with the machine’s forward travel.

Along with its small size, the Curb Cadet was built to be easily and quickly loaded and transported from project to project. It is highly mobile with front-wheel steering and a hydraulically-driven rear-mounted track. It reaches a paving speed of up 12.2 mpm and an auxiliary travel speed up to 28 mpm for jobsite mobility.