Dingli electric boom lifts make global debut

Chinese manufacturer Dingli has introduced its modular series of electric boom lifts to the global market, comprising seven models with maximum working heights from 24.3- to 30.3-m and maximum load capacities of up to 454 kg. The range includes five telescopic boom lifts (the ETBJ30ERT, ETB28ERT, ETBJ26ERT, ETB26ERT and ETB24ERT) and two articulating boom lifts (the EAB28ERT and EAB24ERT).

A special ceremony was recently held by Dingli at the Zhejiang Deqing Mogan Mountain Airport to showcase one of the new models, the EAB28ERT articulating boom lift. It offers a maximum working height of 28.1 m and maximum load capacity of 230 kg. The event was attended by 1,500 guests from more than 700 rental companies.

Dingli’s new electric boom lifts are equipped with an 80-V lithium battery as well as two charging modes, quick (1.5 hours) and slow (6 hours). This maintenance-free lithium battery comes with BMS battery management system to ensure the safety of the machine.

According to Dingli, once fully charged, these electric boom lifts can operate for three to four days based on an 8-hour shift. The machines’ axle features a 100% hydraulic differential lock, with a ground clearance of 0.4 m.

Dingli further mentioned that with the modular design concept, its new electric boom lifts share 95% of the same main components and 80% of the same structural parts as its engine-powered boom lifts.