WSHAsia: The online platform for safety & health solutions in Asia

World of Safety and Health Asia (WSHAsia) is a newly launched online platform offering safety & health solutions for the benefit of every individual, especially those in the Asia region. Headquartered in Singapore, WSHAsia showcases a wide range of products, services, events and courses focusing on safety & health at the workplace in various industries, including construction.

The UK-based Institution Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) recently joined several other industry associations in supporting WSHAsia. As the world's largest professional health and safety membership organisation, IOSH is the voice of the profession, campaigning on issues that affect millions of working people. IOSH sets standards and support, develops and connects its members with resources, guidance, events and training.

With this new collaboration, all IOSH events, courses and news in this region will now be shared on WSHAsia while IOSH members in this region will also be receiving monthly WSHAsia newsletter.

“Our new safety & health online platform is supported by six other local and international industry associations. We are very excited to have IOSH supporting us as well,” said Raymond Wat, founder of WSHAsia. “This greatly demonstrates our global effort in promoting information sharing for the safety & health industry.”

Mr Wat is known as a big advocate of safety & health across Asia. He has passion for the industry and has worked with many organisations in promoting safety & health in the region.

“It is a pity that products and services for providing safety & health solutions may not be available in all regions,” he said. “With the newly launched WHSAsia, we’d like to allow safety & health providers around the world to offer their solutions in this region.

“We are calling like-minded stakeholders to use this portal – free of charge - to post their safety & health related products and services, news, events and courses.”

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