Ammann’s new APR and APH vibratory plate compactors

Ammann is presenting two new vibratory plate compactor series – the APR and APH - equipped with low-vibration guide handles that meet the strictest work safety requirements. These new models are intended to replace the vibratory plate machines previously available on the market. The company said they are more robust than their predecessors, thanks to a new protective bracket design and additional machine hood reinforcement.

The APR reversible vibratory plates feature high compacting force, flexibility and intuitive operation. These compact machines are perfect for gardening and landscaping. They are also in great demand for road construction applications, said Ammann. This is because, firstly, they are ideal for adding the finishing details to the work of large compactors and, secondly, they are always at hand to take over where large machines cannot deliver a 100% performance due to tight conditions.

Changing the direction of movement via the guide handle is intuitive. The APR machines deliver high-precision compaction work safely and reliably, even in tight construction site conditions. The brand-new, ergonomic guide handle effectively protects the operator from the plate’s vibrations. The machines have a hand-arm vibration value of 2.5 m/sec2, which fulfils even the strictest work safety conditions required by trade association regulations, according to Ammann.

The company highlighted that the APR vibratory plate has no impact on operator health and enables fatigue-free operation; consequentially, the restrictive laws on time limitations to compaction work do not apply. There is also no obligation to maintain operating records, added Ammann. 

The APR machines are more robust than their rugged predecessors, thanks to a well-conceived design for the protective bracket. The steel brackets protect the drive components from damage caused by shock, impact and fall. The machines are powered by Hatz and Honda engines.

In addition, the fully hydraulic vibratory plates of the APH series are designed to provide excellent impact force. They feature an innovative triple-shaft drive system that offers smooth movement and a profound compaction performance – even on substrates that are difficult to compact.

The hydrostatic Orbitrol steering system leads to precise machine navigation and adds further benefits to the APH series with regard to safety and productivity. Like the reversible plates, the new APH models are also fitted with the new low-vibration guide handle for fatigue-free operation. There is no need to maintain operating records to prove compliance with strict work safety requirements, said Ammann.

To ensure a robust design, the protective hoods of the improved APH series are made of impact-resistant plastic. They protect the machine’s internal workings from dirt, collision and impact damage and contribute significantly to a long service life on site.

Ammann presented six new APH models with operating weights from 357 to 760 kg at bauma 2019. The company said it will continue with its range of APH vibratory plates of the 800 kg weight category – including the remote-controlled model APH 1000-TC for safe operation in hazardous conditions.

The new APH generation is equipped with Ammann Compaction Expert (ACE) technology, which enables intelligent compaction with small machines. ACEecon informs the operator of the current status of compaction via an LED display unit. The information makes it easy for the machine operator to avoid over-compaction or even a subsequent loosening of the substrate, thus saving time on the job.

The ACEforce system that automatically regulates the vibratory plate’s compaction performance is also available. It continuously adapts compaction performance to the substrate’s current state of compaction and guarantees an excellent compaction quality.

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