Ammann offers new articulated light tandem rollers

New light tandem rollers from Ammann feature drums that can be quickly adjusted from in-line to off-set configurations, helping operators reach compaction goals – even when working near obstructions. The models consist of ARX 23-2, ARX 23-2C, ARX 26-2, ARX 26-2C, ARX 36-2, ARX 40-2, ARX 40-2C, ARX 45-2 and ARX 45-2C. They utilise engines that are compliant with EU Stage IIIA / US EPA Tier 4 Interim emissions standards.

“Rollers that are off-set are able to work close to curbs and other obstructions,” said Josef Dementěv, global product specialist for machines at Ammann. “Operators need watch only one drum, knowing the second will be a safe distance from the obstruction.”

The in-line setting, which enables equal distribution of compaction forces, is preferred on more open jobsites, said Ammann. The adjustment between in-line and off-set configurations is done manually and is easy for operators to make. The articulating joint, which makes the in-line/off-set adjustment possible, is maintenance-free.

The new rollers offer a number of design enhancements, such as an intuitive dashboard layout, a redesign of the front and rear of the machine and a new LED light system. A new protective guardrail has been placed around the dashboard as well. Reduced sound levels improve operator safety, as does the new LED light system.

The ‘C’ versions are combination machines, which utilise steel drums in front and pneumatic tyres in the rear. Working widths of the rollers range from 1,000 mm on the ARX 23-2 up to 1,380 mm on the ARX 45-2. Weights vary from 2.2 up to 4.6 t. Suitable applications include small and medium construction sites, city roads, boardwalks, city street repairs and road maintenance.

The new models are great fits for the rental market. “The intuitive operator control panel and spacious platform offer comfort to suit a variety of operators,” said Mr Dementěv. “Durable components and fuel-efficient engines maximise uptime and lower lifetime operating costs.”

The rollers are compatible with Ammann ServiceLink, a fleet management system that enables close monitoring to keep owners informed of machine service needs. Other key features include an electronic drive lever for smooth starts and stops, especially important on asphalt jobs; an optional Intelligent Compaction tool for optimal efficiency; excellent all-around machine visibility for safety on the jobsite; accessible service and maintenance points; and maintenance-free parts.