Gomaco pavers for road projects around the world

Gomaco Xtreme three-track Commander IIIx and two Gomaco 3300s with the Gomaco G+ control system feature rotary-sensored slew drives on the tracks, sensored leg positioning, and independent travel circuits to each track to allow tight radius slipforming. Intelligent all-track positioning is accomplished with smart hydraulic cylinders on the three legs, which allow G+ to know the position of the tracks at all times. The cylinders are also used for telescoping the mould mounting system for intelligent offset and repeatable mould offset.

The Commander IIIx and 3300 offer optimised cooling packages with G+ controlling the hydraulic fan. The G+ quiet technology make the machines some of the quietest pavers on the market, while adapting the paver’s cooling needs to jobsite conditions. It makes for a quiet and efficient paving operation. Improved fuel efficiency is another advantage with a power-optimised engine and load-sensed hydraulic circuits.

The Commander IIIx has a pivoting operator’s console that allows the operator hands-on control and a clear view no matter what application is being slipformed or what the direction of travel. Gomaco’s 3300 is designed for European-style paving with its right-side and left-side pour capabilities. The 3300 has a symmetrical design, a U-shaped operator’s platform and the control console easily slides from side-to-side to accommodate the direction of the pour. Both models are multi-application machines for slipforming curb and gutter, safety barrier, sidewalk, slotted drain, flat slabs, and more.

Gomaco also offers its GP4, which is capable of paving widths up to 12.2 m. It has a dual-telescoping roller frame with smart cylinders and smart telescoping for accurate frame widening and automatic width reference for easy and accurate steering setup. The modular roller frame telescopes up to 2.1 m on each side for a total of 4.3 m of telescoping ability.

The GP4 is equipped with smart pivot arms for leg positioning, as well as smart track steering technology. It has extreme steering capabilities that work together with the paver’s G+ control system, so G+ knows each track’s location and position. The GP4 is also easy to transport; the operator simply puts the paver into transport mode by driving the legs around to the transport position with the GP4’s full-steer tracks and slew drives on the pivot arms. G+ travel is switched to ‘Transport’ for complete control once the legs are in transport position.

In addition, the GP-2400 is Gomaco’s smaller, economical slipform paver capable of slipforming widths up to 7.4 m, with 2 m of telescoping ability on the left side. This four-track paver has smart steering cylinders on each leg for dependable steering control with electronic feedback for push-button steering setup and the setting of parameters. The T-beam mounting rail allows for quick and accurate mould positioning, as well as quick mounting and removal of the mould.

The GP-2400 has a U-shaped operator’s platform for excellent visibility of the entire paving operation. The paver’s smaller size makes it popular on projects all across the world.