Doka extends formwork portfolio

With Framini, Doka has extended its product portfolio in Latin America, Asia and the Middle East. This new framed formwork system can boost productivity on small and medium-sized construction sites, particularly when residential, commercial and infrastructure projects have to be built quickly and economically. Framini features low weight and optimised ergonomics, making it a fast and universally adaptable formwork system.

Doka’s FreeFalcon is a mobile, personal fall-arrest system designed to protect workers where the risk of falling is most critical. The system significantly enhances user safety without sacrificing mobility, helping to minimise the risk of falling from height.

Dokaflex Xbrace is an improved version of Dokaflex timber-beam floor formwork that adds flexibility, universal usability and simplicity of use to contemporary safety aspects. According to Doka, all of its existing Dokaflex systems can be adapted to the new version.

DokaXlight framed formwork is another new product that also combines lightness with durability. It is now being used on construction sites across Europe. In future, it will be among the lightest framed formwork systems in the Doka range of products.

In the high-rise construction sector, DokaXact is a sensor-based system enabling speed and precision for surveyors and site crews setting up the wall formwork of self-climbing systems.

In addition, a collaboration with the Malaysian company MFE Formwork Technology Sdn Bhd, which specialises in monolithic formwork systems, has enabled Doka to extend its presence in Southeast Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. In the future, Doka plans to offer Doka Monolithic - a new solution for the monolithic formwork sector that enables walls, columns, downstand beams and slabs to be concreted in a single operation.