Carmix 45FX self-loading concrete mixer

The new Carmix 45FX self-loading concrete mixer from Metalgalante features a user-friendly driving system, compact size (4.50 m high x 7.750 m long) and 4x4x4 steering, allowing the machine to move around in limited spaces and travel easily on bumpy and rough roads. 

It has a drum capacity of 6,100 l, with an output capacity of 4.5 cu m. Internally, a system composed of a double mixing screw and a drum with hydraulic motor rotation and planetary gearbox can produce a homogeneous and compact mix. An automatic hydraulic loading system contributes to this result: with a large 600-l loading capacity bucket, it loads aggregates with a proper quantity into the drum without wasting material.

The Carmix 45 FX is also designed with a spacious cab featuring a ROPS/FOPS structure, and control and block valves to ensure maximum safety for the operator. The seat is reversible with automatic inversion of the flow circuit, thus providing an excellent visibility on the jobsite.

In addition, the load cells weighing system enables the Carmix 45FX to measure, weigh and programme any material to create a perfect mix on site. Such a process is possible thanks to the four load cells sensors, controlled by an on-board programmable computer, placed at the bottom of the drum in order to work as weight sensors precisely where the mixing takes place (RMC Plant standard level technology). Compared with systems using pressure sensors on the shovel, this system is said to allow direct control of elements where the mix is made (including the actual weight of water for W/C ratio optimisation), higher accuracy, and 3% to 5% weight deviation like in the most sophisticated concrete plants and the verification of finished product.