Indonesia opens Asia’s “first” cinema playground in Maxxbox Lippo Village
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Singapore – Cinemaxx Junior boasts Asia’s “first” cinema playground designed for the family movie going audience. Located at Maxxbox Lippo Village in Indonesia, the 380 square metres playground consist of slides, vertical wall play mazes, trampolines, track rides, climbing nets for children to play before and during movie screenings.

Working with Singapore based architectural firm, DP Design Pte Ltd, regional playground specialist Playpoint together with Carve, a Netherlands based playground designers re-imagined the concept of indoor playgrounds. Instead of thematic cage indoor playgrounds currently available, an abstract playground can be interpreted in many ways by the kids’ imagination to create their own worlds. They can imagined themselves navigating their way in the millennium Falcon or crossing the forest canopy. The design blends form to create a visually stunning and functionally adventurous playground for all ages. Adventurous children climb up the three dimensional climbing nets to the mezzanine level and slide down the tube slides where a big giant trampoline and flying fox awaits.

Children can also navigate their way along the walls via three Wall-o-lla, interconnected via crawl tube nets, to reach the mezzanine level. Each Wall-o-lla comes with different play features like sliding poles, lounge nets, climbing ropes, hammocks and vertical rope.

At the Mezzanine level, there are lounge hammocks, teardrop play nets and spinners to keep children entertained.
Children can access the screening room through an entrance at the mezzanine level or through one of the vertical wall play maze and slide down the tube slide to a giant ball pit.

Commenting on the concept, Mr Jason Sim, Managing Director, Playpoint (Asia) Pte Ltd said: “Indoor playgrounds such as Cinemaxx Junior, can be re designed to invoke an architectural look combining form and function. In Singapore, due to high rental charges, developers can relook at indoor playgrounds from a different perspective to the standard cage playground commonly found in pay as you play playground.”