WATG Secures Top Honours At LIV Hospitality Design Awards
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Singapore – WATG, a renowned global integrated design firm, stands proudly at the pinnacle of excellence once again, following an exceptional sweep at the fourth edition of the prestigious LIV Hospitality Design Awards. With an impressive array of wins across multiple categories, including coveted titles like "Jury’s Top Pick for Asia" and "Destination Winner for Asia," WATG reaffirms its position as an industry leader.

Yanbai Villa and JW Marriott Jeju Resort & Spa emerged as shining beacons of architectural and interior design brilliance, securing top honours under the Interior Design Living Space and Architecture Living Space categories, respectively. Their accolades, including "Jury’s Top Pick for Asia," "Resort – Luxury," and "Destination Winner for Asia," underscore their status as unrivalled masterpieces in the realm of hospitality design. Additionally, Huafa Dongao Hotel claimed the distinguished title of “Resort – Luxury” under the Architecture Living Space category.

These remarkable victories not only reflect WATG’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation but also solidify its expertise in shaping unforgettable hospitality experiences across Asia. By collaborating with clients who share a passion for originality and authentic hospitality, WATG continuously redefines luxury and sets new industry standards. With a focus on delivering distinct, timeless and operationally sound designs, WATG consistently develops worldwide destinations known for their perpetually high performance since its dawning days in 1945.

Deepu Mahboobani, Managing Principal of Wimberly Interiors, shared her insights on the award-winning Yanbai Villa, "Our design philosophy for Yanbai Villa intertwines with the essence of quiet luxury, crafting spaces where elegance speaks softly yet profoundly. A symphony of minimalism and tranquillity is composed, where every element, from the tactility of silk to the tranquil vistas, contributes to an ambience not just to be experienced but also deeply felt. It brings me immense joy and pride to see our vision of quiet luxury recognised with the prestigious LIV Awards, a testament to our commitment to timeless design and unparalleled hospitality."

Yanbai Villa is a destination hotel that reimagines traditions for the modern world. Inspired by Wang Ximeng’s iconic artwork A Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains, dating back to the 12th century, the interiors of Yanbai Villa pays homage to Chinese culture and heritage while embracing sustainability and modern luxury. JW Marriott Jeju Resort & Spa offers a mesmerising escape atop a cliff along the southern coast of Jeju Island – a UNESCO Natural Heritage Site, providing panoramic ocean views perfect for connecting with nature. Huafa Dongao Hotel exemplifies sustainable luxury design across two plots on Dongao Island, perfectly harmonising with the natural landscape and cultural heritage.