PROJECT FOCUS: SCT Gulfstream Center By Rocco Design Architects Associates
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The SCT Gulfstream Center is a 99.85 metres-high office tower situated in Shenzhen’s burgeoning Bao’an business district, amidst other towering structures. Its unique and visually distinctive volume features interlocking boxes and tiered terraces designed to maximise the scenic views from its southeastern corner. The design also seamlessly connects the tower to the plaza, the wider urban fabric, and the waterfront vistas.

Located in a compact site surrounded by skyscrapers, only the tower’s southeast corner affords Shenzhen Bay views. By strategically positioning a series of interlocking boxes, the tower creates terraces at lower and middle levels to bring nature in, blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor realms. Occupants thereby enjoy expansive scenery and linkage to the vibrant plaza below.

On the higher floors, east-facing terraces adorned with vertical greenery cultivate a serene environment amidst the bustling surroundings. Terraces in various shapes and forms lend the offices and surrounding environment a sense of vitality and movement.

The SCT Gulfstream Center is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and thoughtful design. The tower consists of two distinct interlocking blocks with different hues, which creates a striking visual contrast. Vertical fins of varying depths strategically placed along the façade further enhance the overall architectural composition. The result is an interplay of textures and shades that synergises building and district aesthetics into a seamless whole.

The SCT Gulfstream Center demonstrates architectural excellence by seamlessly integrating functionality, aesthetics, and urban engagement. The interlocking boxes, tiered terraces, and vertical fins come together to form a visually captivating landmark that invigorates the surrounding CBD.

Project Details

Location: Bao’an District, Shenzhen, China

Year: 2019-2023

Site Area: 5,086 square metres

Total Gross Floor Area: 30,510 square metres (Construction Area: 44,903 square metres)

Height: 99.85 metres (22 storeys)

Program: Office and Commercial

Client: Shenzhen Construction Investment Pengyu Investment Co., Ltd.

Architect: Rocco Design Architects Associates LTD

Design Team: Rocco Yim, Derrick Tsang, Dennis Chan, Manny Liang, Wu Cong He, Leonard Lao


Façade Consultant: Inhabit / Boda Construction Group Co., Ltd

Main Contractor: Shantou Jian’an Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.