Cevisama Replicates Figures For Previous Edition, With Palpable Optimism In The Aisles
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Valencia, Spain – Cevisama closed its doors last March 1st on a very positive note, having both achieved its objective of being a useful platform for companies in the industry to do business and develop internationally, even in the current circumstances, and notched up the same figures as last year’s edition – with the percentage of international buyers visiting Feria Valencia this week actually higher. In that regard the first tally indicates that the figure of 70,000 trade visitors will have been exceeded since first day, with initial estimates indicating that the ceramic tile fair will have achieved the same figures as last year.

Equally, it is worth pointing out that the first statistics show a notable increase in the percentage of international buyers, with the figure there being 4 percentage points up on last year’s, meaning this cohort accounted for more than 29 percent of the total number of professionals who visited Cevisama. According to these first statistics, France, the USA, the UK, Italy and Germany are the main markets these buyers came from. On the other hand, the percentages indicate that there has been a slight dip in the number of Spanish buyers attending, meaning that even though they still represent more than 70 percent of all visitors, the Spanish cohort contracted slightly compared with last year.

Tile entrepreneur and exhibitor Ismael García Peris of Peronda Group, one of the members of the fair’s organising committee – made up of the industry’s leading trade associations, ASCER, ASEBEC and ASEBAN – has said that “there has been a good feeling; visitor numbers have been healthy, especially on the first two days. The effort the organisation invested in attracting international buyers paid off, and that is reflected in the visitor numbers”.

Professionals confirm event’s success

There was a sense all week and even today, the last day, of optimism and satisfaction both with the offering on show at Cevisama and with business forecasts. Managing director of Grupo STN, Juan Carlos Barberá, rated the fair very positively, indicating that “Grupo STN’s participation in Cevisama 2024,with our four current brands – STN, Alaplana, KTL and Vitacer – was again the ideal scenario for us to highlight our new products and attract the attention of potential customers and partners. We have had the opportunity to introduce new concepts in the field of ceramic tiles, showing both new formats and striking visual effects, which generated excitement amongst the visitors. So for us, the fair delivered highly favourable results in terms of both the quality and the quantity of the visits we received. As a consequence, we are confident that this success can be repeated at future editions of the fair”.

A spokesperson for Gayafores commented that “as we move into the final stretch of Cevisama we are feeling very good and all the new products we have shown have been very well received”. Their overall assessment of the fair was very positive, with the spokesperson adding that “the fair meant we were able to meet with our customers again and was also a gateway to new business opportunities. It is of huge value to us that the event has the capacity to attract professionals from all over the world to our exhibition stand, which this year won a Special Mention in the Best Interior Design on a Stand category”. Lastly, the tile manufacturer underscored “the fantastic range of parallel events related to architecture, design and interior design, which enriched the experience of being at the fair for both visitors and exhibitors”.

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Photos courtesy of Cevisama.