Cevisama 2024 Visitor Registration Up By 23 Percent
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Valencia, Spain – Cevisama, the leading international trade fair in the ceramics industry, is putting the final touches to its 40th anniversary. The exhibition, which is crammed with content and activities, is generating major expectations in the sector.

This is mirrored in the data for visitor registrations on its website. These numbers are extremely encouraging when compared with those posted in 2023. Indeed, with four weeks to go until the event, the figure is up 23 percent on last year.

As for the buyers’ campaign, 800 overseas guests have already been confirmed. These visitors come mainly from countries such as France, the USA, Germany, Poland, the UK, the UAE, Portugal, Morocco, Mexico, Colombia, Egypt, Romania, Austria, Canada and Israel.

A breakdown of foreign visitors shows that 41 percent of guests are from the European Union; 16 percent from the Middle East; 13 percent from South America; 12 percent from North America; 5 percent from North Africa; 5 percent from the rest of Africa; 4 percent from Asia; 3 percent from Eastern Europe and 2percent from Oceania.

The buyers’ campaign has received the backing of IVACE Internacional in conjunction with exhibitors who suggest guest profiles, customers and their target countries of origin. This year, Cevisama has increased investment compared to last year, reaching the €1 million mark. Guests at the fair include foreign and domestic distribution companies, large purchasing groups and retail chains along with leading architecture and interior design studios which conduct projects around the globe.