APSDA Awards Gala Dinner 2023 Shines A Spotlight On Excellence In Interior Design In Asia Pacific Regions
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – The APSDA Awards Gala Dinner 2023, a prestigious biennial event celebrating the elites of the interior design profession in the Asia Pacific region, took centre stage at the KLCC Convention Centre on October 28, 2023. This enchanting evening brought together elite personalities and showcased the finest projects that epitomize excellence and innovation in interior design. It is a milestone achievement for any Interior Designers to be recognized and their projects to be showcased internationally.

The APSDA Awards, organised by the Asia-Pacific Space Designers Association (APSDA), are renowned for recognising the outstanding contributions and achievements of designers, architects, and design firms in the field of interior design. The Gala Dinner, held biennially, serves as a platform for these creative visionaries to shine and for the broader community to celebrate their remarkable work.

The goals of the awards consist of three main objectives:

  • Recognising and honouring the most distinguished interior architects / designers in Asia Pacific on a biennial basis;
  • Showcasing the best of Asia Pacific’s Designed Spaces;
  • Promoting professional standards among the interior design practices.

During the award ceremony, the spotlight was on remarkable individuals and projects that have redefined the boundaries of interior design honouring those whose boundless creativity, unwavering commitment, and extensive experience have driven unparalleled success in today’s challenging creative climate. The winners and their projects demonstrated a profound commitment to innovation and creativity.

The Award is divided into 2 categories, consisting of the “Project of the Year” and the “Personality of the Year”.

Professor Keat Ong’s opening remarks emphasised APSDA’s standing as the premier platform for recognising outstanding achievements in the Asia-Pacific Region. He underscored the significance of this platform by expressing his gratitude to the Philippine Institute of Interior Designers (PIID) for hosting the Awards launch in Manila this past April, highlighting the importance of collaborative efforts in bringing this prestigious event to fruition.

Moreover, Professor Ong acknowledged the essential role played by the distinguished jury members who dedicated their time and expertise to carefully evaluate the submissions. Their collective wisdom and experience, drawn from different countries, played a crucial part in upholding the high standards of these awards.

To convey the significance of good design, Professor Ong borrowed the quote from Dr. Ralf Speth, "If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad designs." This statement emphasises the long-term value and impact of well-executed design, which can ultimately save time and resources in contrast to subpar alternatives.

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