Kai Tak Sports Park discloses more design features at 25 Years of Design Exhibition
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First photo: From left, Darren Burden (Executive Director - ASM Global), Simon Lee (Director, Design Management - Kai Tak Sports Park), Richard Breslin (Senior Principal, Director - Populous), Hon Jeffrey LAM Kin-fung, GBS, JP (Legislative Council Members), Hon Regina IP LAU Suk-yee, GBM, GBS, JP (Convenor of the Executive Council), John Sharkey (Project Director - Kai Tak Sports Park), King Shing Tang (Director, Strategic Planning - Kai Tak Sports Park) and Yeung Tak-keung (Commissioner for Sports, Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau, Government of the Hong Kong SAR) at the Kai Tak Sports Park booth. (Image Courtesy: Kai Tak Sports Park Limited)

Second photo: The 1:400 scaled model of the Kai Tak Sports Park that was debuted at the exhibition. (Image Courtesy: Kai Tak Sports Park Limited)

Hong Kong – Kai Tak Sports Park has been designed to support the Hong Kong Government’s aims to promote sports for all, support elite athletes, and make Hong Kong a centre for major international sports events.

“Kai Tak Sports Park has been promoting community sports through our community project “Kai Tak Sports Initiatives” which is a sports foundation, allowing people from different backgrounds to enjoy sports together,” said Mr. Tang King Shing, Director (Strategic Planning) of Kai Tak Sports Park.

“As the place to support our local elite athletes, Kai Tak Sports Park could hold not only local, but regional or international major sports events in the future. This could provide opportunities for them to compete with athletes from other places and attract local spectators at the same time. Moreover, we also support developing the sports industry and enhancing sports professionalism. We believe that there will be huge benefits to both the industry and the career of the athletes by making the sports industry sustainable,” he added.

A team of international and local designers, builders and operators worked together to develop a master plan to transform the historic Kai Tak site. Kai Tak Sports Park has inspired a new relationship among the existing urban fabric, surrounding developments and the harbourfront to create a state-of-the-art, multi-purpose and vibrant sports complex for generations to come.

Kai Tak Sports Park as a concept is quite new for Hong Kong. The 28-hectares precinct dedicated to wide open spaces and facilities for community recreation coupled with a prime harbour-side location.

The Sports Park is designed to offer visitors an enjoyable and vibrant experiences. It caters to the needs of local community as well as attract visitors – and offer a variety of activity, facilities and events any day of the year.

Mr. Richard Breslin, Director of Populous (Principal-in-charge for Kai Tak Sports Park) said “Nowhere in the world is there anything like this level of integration between international sports and entertainment facilities combined with community recreation, retail and leisure facilities that has been designed for Kai Tak Sports Park.”

Kai Tak Sports Park will join the other 17 outstanding major infrastructure projects in Hong Kong at the upcoming [25 Years of Design] exhibition from 31 August to 3 September 2022.