Verdantix Report – Planon opens up its IWMS platform (WEBTORIAL)
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Singapore – In 2020, Planon updated their IWMS solution with a new suite of mobile apps, extended partnership ecosystem and new functionality for COVID-19 management.

They also launched a new product strategy to make their Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) platform more open, joining the growing number of smart building technology vendors pursuing open strategies.

For a limited time, Planon is offering you free access to a report by Verdantix – an independent research and consulting firm – which was published in November 2020 and thoroughly evaluates the Planon Platform.

Read this report from Verdantix to learn more about:

  • Planon’s new open philosophy, new mobile apps, and additional COVID-19 functionality
  • Customisation options through new APIs and software development capabilities
  • How Planon’s open application strategy addresses the need for more flexible solutions
  • The type of companies that benefit most from this new product strategy

Access Verdantix Report here