Luca Curci Architects presents Vertical City, a zero-energy city-building
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Bari, Italy – Architecture firm Luca Curci Architects presents Vertical City, a project proposal for a vertical city-building of 100,000 people settled in the water. Vertical Cities Urban System is planned to incorporate smart city technologies and to divide the city in functional areas.

The main residential city-tower is connected, by water and by air, to the three towers of offices, goverment departments, healthcare facilities and educational institutions, including all levels of schools and universities. The interconnected system also works as a tourist destination. There are other three structures, the Moons, more oriented to the lifestyle amenities such as hotels, welness and spa centres, sport centres, shopping malls, bookshops, and leisure attractions.

Vertical City has been presented for the first time at the Knowledge Summit 2019 in Dubai. The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation has organized it’s sixth annual Knowledge Summit, on November 19-20, 2019 bearing the theme “Knowledge: The Path to Sustainable Development”.

A number of renewable energy resources, such as wind, water turbines and solar panels are also incorporated. Energy storage solutions. Water desalination. Food production and farming integrated and follow a zero-waste policy. Healthier life-style. No suburbs. Less poverty oriented.

“We will build a new way of living. More sustainable. With more interconnected communities programs. Deleting suburbs. Reducing poverty,” said Arch. Luca Curci.

The project combines sustainability with population density and it aims to build up a zero-energy city-building. Starting from the analyses of the contemporary skyscraper, conceived as a compact element, smooth and alienated from the surrounding space, the project has re-interpreted it in an opened structure, equipped with green areas on each level, natural light and ventilation. 100 percent green transport systems. This new interpretation allows its residents to get into an healthier life-style, in connection with natural elements, re-thinking the traditional concept of community and society.