The smart choice for glass roofs
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Glass roofs, canopies, and skylights make a bold statement, adding daylighting which helps reduce electricity use and overall carbon footprint. However very often restricted access to the glass makes it challenging to clean and maintain. 

EnduroShield is a smart solution for new and existing glass surfaces that are difficult to access, and can significantly reduce cleaning and maintenance time. The low-maintenance, cost saving coating has been utilised on noteworthy glass roof projects, and is offered as a standard on many skylight and rooflight installations.

As unprotected glass absorbs contaminants such as sea salt, bird droppings, and pollution, it becomes increasingly difficult to clean and needs cleaning more and more frequently with age. The staining caused by these materials counteracts many benefits of a glass roof or skylight, and can be problematic to restore to their original condition.

Dee Why Club, located on Sydney's beautiful northern beaches, is currently undergoing the largest renovation project in the club's 70-year history. As part of the $100 million upgrade, EnduroShield was contracted to be applied in-situ to 132 square metres (1420 square feet) of glass roofing supplied and installed by the company’s partner Skyview Constructions.

The club's proximity to the ocean and the recent wild weather in Sydney caused the newly installed glass roof to become extremely dirty, clearly not ideal for the project’s grand opening.

Application was completed over two days to three large retractable glass roofs over the club's new state of the art sports bar opening in 2020. EnduroShield is now helping the surface stay cleaner for longer and significantly reducing maintenance costs.