Intersec 2024: HUB Parking Delivers Digital Payment Technology With Launch of J4Pay

HUB Parking Technology, a brand of FAAC Technologies, global leader in mobility and parking solutions, today unveils J4Pay, a mobile QR-based payment solution that delivers the digital consumer experience preferred by today’s modern parkers. Fully integrated with our HUB Parking Systems, the release of J4Pay is yet another solution for parking operators and owners to utilize in the modernization and optimization of their parking assets.

J4Pay represents an unmissable step forward in our connected ecosystem of parking services, providing drivers with a quick, easy, and secure method to pay for their parking tickets directly from their own mobile devices. This innovative solution is set to enhance the convenience and efficiency for all stakeholders involved.

HUB Parking commits to protecting customers’ investment with the continual release of new and enhanced digital features, that future-proof their parking assets. Any car park with existing JUPITER equipment will soon be able to activate J4Pay and easily promote the solution adoption by transient and recurring drivers, with the support of dedicated signage.

Key Features of J4Pay:

  • Simplicity in Payment: J4Pay enables drivers to effortlessly scan QR codes displayed on signage in the car park or directly from their parking tickets.
  • Versatility for All: J4Pay caters to a wide range of parking facilities, whether gated or gateless, and is compatible with both paper tickets and license plates recognition (LPR or ANPR) for ticketless and hybrid sites, making it a versatile solution for parking owners.
  • Streamlined Revenue Management: J4Pay seamlessly integrates with HUB’s reliable management system JMS, providing parking owners and operators unified revenue reporting and simplifying transaction management.
  • Cost-Efficient: J4Pay saves on maintenance costs with its hardware-free sustainable solution; cashless by design, J4Pay relieves operators from hardware maintenance and from the risks related to cash management.

Key Benefits for Drivers:

  • No Downloads or Registrations: Drivers will appreciate the hassle-free experience, as J4Pay requires no app downloads or registrations, ensuring a smooth and swift payment process.
  • Pay Anywhere: With J4Pay, drivers can pay for their parking tickets from anywhere, giving them the flexibility, they desire.
  • Faster Payment Process: J4Pay offers a user-friendly interface designed for simplicity, eliminating waiting times and making the payment process faster and more convenient.
  • E-receipts and Accessibility: Users will receive electronic receipts for parking payments directly to their email, providing a digital record of their transactions and enhancing accessibility.

J4Pay marks the dawn of a new era in parking payment solutions, where convenience and efficiency converge to create a seamless parking experience for drivers and parking owners alike.

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