Vintra Announces Availability of New Integration to Deliver Powerful Video Analytics Within Genetec Security Center

Vintra, Inc., a major supplier of AI-driven video analytics solutions, unveiled a video analytics integration that combines Vintra Fortify and Genetec™ Security Center on March 23, 2022. With the advanced forensic and real-time analytics solution brought about by this integration, users can swiftly review and evaluate recorded video content, easily index live video streams and ensure precise event alerting and instant search via one unified security platform.

Vintra Fortify is a purpose-built video intelligence solution that spontaneously indexes video streams to offer instant alerts in real time, via precise critical-event alerts and rapid video search. This  solution operates as an integrated workflow within the Genetec Security Center and offers Vintra’s enterprise-grade video analytics. Consequently, this solution enables a quicker response to unfolding events and decreases the time needed for forensic investigations. Users can swiftly search hours of recorded video from both fixed and mobile Genetec-connected cameras.

Furthermore, real-time analytics enables objects and events on live streams of video, such as people, vehicles, long guns, and bags to be easily detected. The Genetec Security Center receives alerts from powerful rules engine monitors cameras that operate 24/7.

Novel or considerably enhanced features include:

Re-ID, which localizes and identifies a specific entity in videos (person, face or vehicle) from several cameras that might not share the same field of view, has been reinforced with signature-generation technology. As a result, Re-ID can quickly identify a person recorded in a lobby camera across hundreds of fixed/mobile cameras at the facility without the need of facial biometric input – all while balancing security and privacy.

Vintra IQ, which allows you to find distinct patterns, match events to those patterns and find anomalies where known patterns are violated. For example, Users can use Vintra IQ to choose a person of interest (POI), to review either live or recorded video and quickly recognize all the other individuals with whom that POI has met. Vintra IQ will rank these interactions, allowing the user to identify the most frequent relationships.

Open API enables the easy porting of Vintra data into other tools across your security infrastructure. You can make almost everything you detect, classify and track available via the API so you can augment your BI platform (such as Tableau) with the most sophisticated video analytics currently available.

Crowd Size Alerts enable security and safety teams to identify situations that are abnormal and thus have a potential of creating issues, such as too many people in a small area.

Loitering Alerts notify a security team when a person or vehicle is detected in a particular area for more than a given amount of time. Hence users can look out for possible break-ins, human or vehicle traffic queues and other key use cases.

Mute Alerts enable users to inform the system about false positive alerts so that the same object does not trigger additional subsequent alerts. With Vintra’s unique ML technology, users can benefit from a continual reduction in false positives and better overall system performance as time goes on.

One-click VMS Importing enables users to render any already-recorded video searchable with a single click in a cost-friendly manner.

Vintra suite has two different product offerings: Vintra Prevent, the company’s enterprise-grade solution for real-time video, automatically indexes video streams, provides precise event alerting and makes instant search feasible. Vintra Investigate is meant for investigation teams that undertake mission-critical, laborious post-event investigations on already-recorded, 3rd-party video.