Cree LED Redefines Light Output And Optical Performance For Portable Lighting
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Cree LED, an SGH company recently announced the new XLamp® XFL LED family, comprised of three LEDs designed for maximum performance in flashlights and other portable lighting applications. The brightest XFL LED, XFL10K, produces up to 20,000 lumens – over three times the light output of an automobile’s high-beam headlights – in a flashlight! Each of the XFL LEDs is optimized for specific flashlight lumen targets, dramatically speeding the design process for manufacturers and enabling them to deliver high-value customer products to market faster.  

The XFL LED family offers unmatched performance, producing the light output of competing solutions with a 90 percent smaller light emitting surface, translating to more precise beam shapes, less color variation, and a longer throw distance. When put into an existing flashlight design, XFL LEDs increased the throw distance by 54 percent over the incumbent LED, making it capable of lighting up objects nearly six football fields or 644 metres away.  

“Cree LED’s continuous focus on innovation and performance have made LEDs the light source of choice for flashlights,” said Joe Clark, president of Cree LED. “With our unmatched IP, global reach, industry-leading LEDs, and trusted brand, manufacturers can confidently choose Cree LED products. Our commitment to optimal performance and quality, ensures that flashlight manufacturers can quickly deliver distinctive products to their customers.”  

Dennis Bertken, CEO at INFINITY X1 added, “Cree LED took our design specifications and quickly delivered these XFL LEDs in time to meet our aggressive production schedule. Our performance and cost requirements were met, allowing us to incorporate these LEDs into our innovative products and to deliver the very best flashlight experience to our customers.”  

XLamp XFL LEDs come in three different versions – XFL05K, XFL08K and XFL10K, targeting 5000, 8000 and 10,000 lm flashlight applications respectively – and are available in 6500K – 5000K CCT with options of 70 and 80 CRI. Product samples are available now, and production quantities are available with standard lead times.