GILE Opens With Record-Breaking Scale
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Guangzhou, China – The 29th edition of Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) opened on 9 June and will run until 12 June at the China Import and Export Complex in Guangzhou. With a focus on technological advancements, the exhibition features the latest innovations in LED technology, smart and energy-efficient lighting solutions, lighting production technology, AIoT technology and cross-disciplinary solutions. Held concurrently with Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology (GEBT), both shows occupy a total of 26 halls and 260,000 square metres of exhibition space hosting 3,383 exhibitors from 20 countries and regions.

Ms Lucia Wong, General Manager of Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd expressed her thoughts on this year’s edition: “GILE 2024 strives to expand the applications of light beyond traditional boundaries, exploring how light can integrate with and enhance various industries and sectors by showcasing a diverse array of lighting products, technologies, and cross-disciplinary solutions. As the industry enters the ‘Light+’ era, it faces increasingly diverse sources of market demand, promoting cross-industry integration and introducing more disruptive technological innovations. This edition of GILE is running under the theme ‘Light – The Power of Infinity’, encouraging industry peers to continue to improve the quality of light, drive collaboration across different industries and stimulate technological progress.”

With over 3,000 exhibitors showcasing their latest cutting-edge lighting technologies across 26 halls, this year’s edition of GILE promises to be one of its largest editions yet. Reputable brands from across the full spectrum of the lighting and LED industry as well as a wide number of vertical fields are taking part.

Seven themes to demonstrate the Power of Infinity
This year’s edition is once again a vast, sprawling event featuring numerous halls and a diverse array of lighting products, technologies and applications. While there is so much to see and explore across the expansive show floor, there are several key highlights that stand out, represented by seven themes that together help to build the concept of “Light – Power of Infinity”.

Light: Intelligence Solutions – Smart and Healthy Lighting Ecosystem Hall (Hall 9.2) 

Highlighting the latest advancements in the smart lighting ecosystem, the Smart and Healthy Lighting Ecosystem Hall showcases technologies such as IoT, AI, and smart algorithms that enable personalised, interactive lighting experiences tailored to user needs. The exhibits also feature low-carbon, sustainable lighting systems that optimise energy consumption through intelligent control.

Light: Health & Wellness – LED Packaging and Health Lighting Exhibition Hall (Hall 4.2), Smart and Healthy Lighting Ecosystem Hall (Hall 9.2)  

These halls delve into emerging trends in healthy lighting, including full-spectrum lighting, human-centric lighting, and the integration of smart control systems with personalised lighting experiences.

Light: Low Carbon Solutions – New Energy Storage Pavilion (Hall 5.2), Gaoyou Street Lighting Pavilion (Hall 5.1)  

The New Energy Storage Pavilion promotes the integration of energy storage and photovoltaic technology to help achieve carbon neutrality. The Gaoyou Street Lighting Pavilion displays photovoltaic street lights that integrate IoT and big data technologies to enable remote monitoring, fault detection, and data analysis, thereby enhancing the intelligence of urban management and contributing to the sustainable development of smart cities.

Light: Design Aesthetics – Design Aesthetics Zone (Hall 10.1), Zhongshan Lighting Town Pavilion (Hall 13.1)
The Design Aesthetics Zone co-organised by GILE and Luce e design and curated by Mr Stefano Piontini of VSP and Mr Xu Dongliang of the TORYO International Lighting Design Center, showcases the intersection of light, design, and aesthetics. The zone is centred around the theme of “Light +” and takes inspiration from the Roman Colosseum. It aims to create an immersive exhibition space that integrates art, design, and creativity, and serve as a platform for the integration of Eastern and Western design philosophies. The Zhongshan Lighting Town Pavilion meanwhile demonstrates the rich lighting craftsmanship and unique designs of the ancient town of Zhongshan, with local manufacturers showcasing their exquisite work and traditions.

Light: Arts – 4th Lighting Art Display Pavilion (Halls 3.1 and 6.1)
The pavilion explores the artistic, cultural, and creative evolution of Chinese lighting brands, driving innovation and international collaboration in China’s lighting art industry. Running under the theme of “Metamorphosis”, it aims to demonstrate the transformation and integration of old and new, as well as the cross-pollination of different disciplines within the lighting art ecosystem.

Light: Horticulture – Bio-Optics and Smart Agriculture Demonstration Hall (Hall 5.2) 

Jointly organised by GILE and the China Agricultural Machinery Association, this hall aims to build a cross-industry platform that integrates bio-optics and smart agricultural technologies boosting productivity and sustainability in agriculture. It showcases how biophotonics and clean energy technologies can help China achieve carbon neutrality in the agricultural sector.

Light: Metasight – New Display Application Pavilion (Hall 5.2)

The New Display Application Pavilion invites leading brands to delve deep into the innovative trends in the LED display industry. Concurrent events taking place in the hall include product demonstrations as well as seminars discussing the latest applications of innovative display technologies.

A wide variety of concurrent events and partnerships to bolster the exhibition
The GILE event programme is running under the theme of “The Power of Voice” hosting over 100 parallel sessions throughout the course of the four-day show, providing new insights and inspiration for industry players to address market opportunities and challenges. As a core event, the “Light +” Opinion-Sharing Platform takes place in the viewing deck of Area A, outside halls 2.2, 3.2 and 4.2. It will discuss the practical applications and promotion of lighting, the current market and the needs of various application sectors including architecture and urban development, tourism, hotels, smart home, commercial spaces as well as health and wellness. The sessions aim to drive more technological innovation, inspire new ideas and foster cross-industry cooperation.  

Another key highlight is the Stage Talk Forum, hosted across Halls 9.2, 10.1, 13.1, 6.1, 8.1 and 5.2. This forum provides a platform for designers, traders, brands, technicians and AIoT experts to share insights on the latest industry trends and future developments. The Stage Talk Forum will also feature product launch sessions, allowing exhibiting brands to unveil their newest lighting innovations to the audience.

The Key Opinion Leader Forum (Hall 8.1) is held in partnership with Alighting IoT & Technology Co Ltd (Alighting). Over 200 industry KOLs will act as ‘Alighting Lighting Appreciation Ambassadors’, generating professional reviews of the latest lighting technologies and products on the show floor. The ambassadors’ group is comprised of lighting designers, engineers, media representatives, association experts, industry opinion leaders, distributors and more.

To promote the integration of online and offline sales channels in the lighting industry, GILE has partnered with JD Lighting, coinciding with JD’s 618 shopping festival, to launch a sales promotion activity for the exhibiting companies. From 9 – 10 June, exhibitors are able to leverage JD’s dedicated online sales platform to promote their businesses. During the four-day show, JD has set up several dedicated service stations, with various presentations on 9 June, covering the company’s business model as well as key market trends. This initiative aims to help lighting companies explore multi-channel sales, bringing consumers and brands closer together.

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